Monday, April 28, 2008

Thoughts of a Monday

1) Obama has got to tell Jeremiah Wright to sit down and shut up. It doesn't matter that the man has some very valid points on race and cultural relativity --although the BS about brain structures would never be tolerated coming from white people (or have we forgotten The Bell Curve already?). The media are all over the Reverend Wright, and it's taking the Obamamentum right out of the campaign.

2) Does the Reverend Wright now have his own agenda? I'm not the first person to suggest this, but it is within the realm of possibility that it is now the Reverend Wright who is throwing Obama under the bus, and not vice-versa. Just as I posited last posit that Mr. Limbaugh could have more to gain from a HRC presidency, so too does JW have more to gain from either a HRC or a McCain presidency. Alternatively, this is retribution for Obama's failure to make liberation theology an overt talking point of his campaign.

3) It is a matter of time before the next major bombshell gets lobbed at Clinton. There are several possibilities: another Billious Explosion, Peter Paul's trial, yet more Whitewater dirt (there is more, in theory), the Rumored Hillary Affair, foreign fundraising, another Tuzla-level whopper being revealed. I think that socially conservative Democrats (i.e., Hoosiers) are most susceptible to the affair angle, but that is a very dangerous road for the Obama campaign to travel, since a) constituency groups like who support Obama were founded on the premise that presidential politics should be above such things; and b) the very nature of the Rumored Affair could divide some of the netroots who support Obama. But as all is fair in love, war and politics, I won't be surprised if this one gets the play --but to be sure, if another target of opportunity arises, it would take precedence.

4) The Clinton campaign needs to start publicly kissing the hindquarters of the netroots and triangulating Left if they're to avoid down-ticket disaster in November. Bear in mind that this is the true long-range goal of Mr. Limbaugh's Operation Chaos: stimulate Republican anger at HRC after making her the nominee and retake Congress. This is made more plausible by the very public threats by the netroots to withhold fundraising and sit out the general election if HRC "steals" the nomination. Young people, creative-class professionals and African Americans will sit out the election in droves if She-Hulk doesn't begin moving Left, and even then, you may as well forget the last group giving its all this year. Never mind the presidential race: HRC may cost her party control of the House this year (the Senate is probably out of reach for the Republicans, for now).

5) Both Obama/Clinton and Clinton/Obama are pipe dreams. The egos involved are too large. Obama would be a fool to accept the VP slot, since there is no conceivable upside (or will HRC be such a phenomenal president as Reagan, that her coattails will extend to Obama in 2016?). This is HRC's last real chance and she knows it, 2012 against McCain notwithstanding.

6) The MSM are still a pack of jackals in their tendency to go after wounded prey. The blood in the water is Obama's, and they are all over him in their attempt to curry favor with Her Nibs. Pathetic and peripatetic. They're little better than Horace Greeley during the Civil War.

As they say over at Little Green Footballs, pass the popcorn.

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