Monday, April 7, 2008

I lay down the laptop for one weekend of Moving Heavy Things, and look at all the stuff that happens...

1) Mark Penn quits the HRC campaign. This man is no Edward House, or Mark Alonso Hanna, or even Lee Atwater. This might could be a good thing for Her Nibs.

2) Charlton Heston has finally entered the Promised Land. Every year, much to Mrs. Mojo's amusement, I would get out my staff, put on my fancy Tuscan striped bath robe, and part the Red Sea along with Moses. I'm no huge fan of ABC but I'm glad they run this chestnut every year. The man marched for civil rights and the right to bear arms. And he stayed married to his wife!

3) Troubles in London and Paris over the Olympic Torch. This is bigger than it looks, a huge loss of face to the Chinese government. I'm tempted to go out on a limb and predict that very soon, you may see athletes pulling out. Certainly those with nothing to lose would be likely candidates (name-level soccer and basketball stars, i.e., people who are already pros and have nothing to lose by skipping the Games).

Meantime, there was Heavy Manual Labor at the Home Range this past weekend. Moving is a huge pain in the backside. And we haven't even put the sign in the front yard yet.

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