Tuesday, April 22, 2008

For Earth Day 2008, Mrs. Mojo and I burped.

I planted a bigger-than-normal garden this year for three reasons. First, last year the garden went in late because of the fencing issue (blast your flea-ridden hide, Ginger-dog!) and I didn't get nearly as much out of it as I had wanted. Second, I was busy during the harvest period last year owing to the (premature) arrival of The Wee One and the associated remodeling, and I felt cheated because a lot of what was planted ended up as bird bait. Third, as this is likely the last year in this house, I am going to get the most out of my beds, which were expanded as a result of the fencing project. So I'm trying a lot of things I haven't had time/room for before.

This evening I came in from class, went straight to the garden to inspect progress, and behold! The snap beans were ready to be picked. Spinach had already been harvested (and consumed) over the weekend, but the rain had added sufficient growth so that I harvested some more of it as well. Hmmm...snap beans and spinach...

Verdure Sicilliana al Mojo Bison (which I may have unconsciously stolen from someplace else)
1 bunch freshly picked spinach, washed
1 bunch freshly harvested snap beans, washed and in pod
1/8 - 1/4 cup grated Romano cheese
1/8 - 1/4 cup toasted pine nuts
4 tablespoons olive oil (less if desired)
Red pepper, black pepper, and garlic salt to taste

Toast pine nuts before-hand if needed and reserve. Add oil to skillet and warm. Add washed snap beans to skillet and saute until almost tender. Add spinach and pine nuts and continue to saute until spinach is wilted thoroughly. Toss in Romano cheese and remove from heat. Pepper/pepper/garlic salt to taste. Serve warm.

So we ate off our own land tonight. Burp.

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