Thursday, April 24, 2008

I grow weary of this...

"Hillary with decisive win in PA!" (Note: 9.4% should never be rounded up to 10%, this isn't a high-school history class where the emphasis is on giving out passing grades.)

"Obama has trouble closing the deal." As if presidential nominations are historically decided by the end of March. Look at the history of nominations since conventions became the norm. Traditionally conventions are where candidates are supposed to be chosen.

"Operation CHAOS is a tremendous success!" Yes yes, Mr. Limbaugh, we know how you love to beat Democrats at their own game (and thank you, too, Mr. Moulitsas, for making this a viable idea in the first place). But stop and think about it for a second. If you've succeeded in making a good chunk of the public feel that BHO is a weak candidate with no chance in the general election against McCain, then why in the world are you continuing to go after him, especially by telling "operatives" to go register Democrat and vote for HRC? Would it not now make far more sense to tell everyone to vote BHO and clinch it for this so-called Modern McGovern? Do you really feel that HRC has no chance regardless of what happens in the remaining primaries? Or maybe you honestly do want HRC as the candidate? After all, if she can come back from this primary campaign, she can win in November, which would probably result in a huge ratings boost by next summer for you.

"The mainstream media are a pack of jackals." Well, I've been weary of this for years, so that doesn't count...

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