Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ya know, I had a hunch the moment I saw the lede on

A teenage star of the Harry Potter films is arrested after cops find cannabis farm in his bedroom | The Sun |News: link to the original Sun article. The lede on Fox indicated that one of "Harry Potter's Foes" got busted for drugs, and that very instant I thought, "I bet it's one of Draco Malfoy's goons, I have a hunch their real-life actors are bringing more to the role than one might think..." And dang if I wasn't spot-on! Crabbe, you moron!!!

But at least they got the filming done OH NOEZ! THEY'RE STILL FILMING PART I OF THE LAST BOOK! At least they can quickly insert a new Crabbe into the shooting... assuming, that is, that they don't take the "well, the characters are getting edgier and edgier, it can't hurt PR that badly to subtly acknowledge that this sort of thing goes on" route.

[Update: Dear Rocboy, do refrain from being "witty", as I try not to fight unarmed opponents.]

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