Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Update

In re this post, the class in question is now down to four. One of the students, as it turns out, had failed to take a single exam the entire semester. Now this should have been very apparent immediately after the first exam, when none of the rest of the course quizzes or exams could be accessed. But this individual only chose to say something to me at the end of last week.

No, it is too late to drop the class.

No, you may not make up any of the missing work, it's not fair to those students who did the work when it was due, and it's certainly not fair to those students who dropped the class because of borderline grades.

So you're going to fail the course. Why are you angry with me for following my syllabus? (NB all students are warned in the syllabus that anyone not taking the first exam is automatically locked out of the course shell and must drop the course to avoid earning a grade of "F", as I am not paid to do students' data-entry work for them.)

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