Monday, March 23, 2009

Malaise? No no, best not use that word...

The flood of negative information washing over the American landscape has been staggering. It's almost enough to make me start stocking on (non-lead) ammunition for pistols, rifles and shotguns. I haven't been linking because there's simply too much out there not to find quickly. Left, right, or dead-center, few people are happy with The Way Things Are Going. However, the use of the word "malaise" is very dangerous, because --even though he never quite used it ---it reminds everyone of Jimmy Carter, and Carter was one of the worst Presidents we ever had. And as bad as things look now, they were worse at the end of 1979. So let's whistle past the graveyard and not use that word.

Anyway, I've been busy futzing with the garden and building a new backyard fence over Spring Break. School is back now, and so am I, albeit sluggish of keyboard.

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