Monday, March 9, 2009

Blast Your Hide, Big-Box Store!!!

Garden Season continues apace, and I am getting close to filing out my Spring Quota. I am focusing right now on the cuculberts: cukes, zukes, and assorted squashes. I had some good luck last year with specialty cucumbers, and spent a good deal of time the last two weeks hunting them locally, but with no success. As time is of the essence now, I resorted to regular, boring ol' hybrids --the kind you find at your local Big-Box Store's garden center.

So I went to the local Orange Temple Of Doom (you figure it out...) and plonked down the obscene sum of $2.79 for a 4" peat pot that ostensibly holds one or two plants. This one held five cucumber plants, so I took it as the best deal going and got them into the ground. You can imagine, then, my chagrin when I toured the Farmer's Market near campus today and found "six-packs" of the same vegetables for $1.99. And these had 10-12 plants each, and they were in much better shape than the ones at the Big-Box!

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