Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Scammers Get Even More Stupid

This showed up in my Junk folder this morning.

Dear sir/ Madam,
My name is General Wilson Scott, a US [united State of America]Army General presently in Iraq.
I need your urgent assistance to help me carry out a transaction. Please dont discard this email,as the first thing that may come to your mind is Scam.Please this is not Scam,it is real and genuine,I got your contact from a directory on the internet.
There is no point for me to tell you of the story of Iraq,as I am sure you are aware of it because is not a strange event.
As a US Army General in Iraq,I was opportune to make so huge amount of money $6,5M USD ]six million and five hunderd thousand Dollars]and also acquire 200 kILO Gramme of Gold.Although the money and Gold is acquired during the War crises,I managed to arrange the money and the Gold in a box,with the help of a Diplomat who moved it down to China. The Dilpomat does not know there is money in the Box,he thought it is only Gold that is in the box.
Base on my present situaion,I can not come out of Iraq to invest the money in a relaible business,hence I am contacting you to help me to pick up the money and GOLD from the Diplomat in China. If you can help me I will give you the Diplomat contact in China,for you to contact him and arrange with him to get the box containing the money delivered to you,so that you can help me to invest the money in a reliable business on my behalf,so that after I leave Iraq I will come over to your country to meet with you.
I am prepared to give you 20% of the total money if you can help me.
Please I want this transaction to be private becasue as a US Army General it is not permited for us to acquire such money and valuables,hence I want it private.
I want you to reply me through my private email: [etc etc etc]

Wow. Don't generals have to know how to spell? *wry face* The sent-from line was obviously hacked; I'm guessing the Nigerians have gotten even more stupid. I hope the military goes after them, instead of the civilian authorities. Jeez!!!

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