Saturday, January 3, 2009

Housewarming: The Wrong Kind

4:30 AM this morning: Mrs. Mojo and I hear sirens coming to our subdivision. "Hmm, it must be near-by." Mrs. got up to check on the baby and came rushing back to the bedroom. "The house across the cul-de-sac is burning down!" So I got dressed, ran outside and saw this:

Img 0034

Naturally, this turned into a block party, as everyone came outside to drink coffee and watch the events unfold.

Img 0036

"Wow, Wee One, look at the swirly flasher on the front of the snorkel truck!"

Img 0037

The snorkel truck goes to work on the fire.

Img 0038

Hmm, guess I better drag the trash cans down to the end of the street if I want my garbage picked up this morning.

Img 0039

The snorkel truck opens up a full can of WhoopAss on the fire.

Img 0040

The dreary aftermath. The back fenceline neighbor is talking to the arson investigator. At or around 2AM she said she heard glass breaking and her dog went ballistic. She reported the fire at 4:30AM when she saw flames. The house burnt quickly and evenly. It is a total loss. The house itself has been vacant for the better part of two years --in fact, over the summer it appeared on the foreclosure auction list that the county put out. One may draw what conclusions one will.

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