Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Thoughts of a Monday

  1. Kerry was ahead of GWB this time in 2004 by 7-10 points. Result: lost election.
  2. Gore was ahead of GWB this time in 2000 by 7-10 points. Result: lost election (yes, he did, the Miami Herald recount proved that conclusively, get over it or else I'll bring up the large number of illegal aliens voting in California).
  3. Dukakis was ahead of GHWB this time in 1988 by 1-3 points. Result: trounced badly in general election.
  4. Mondale was behind Reagan this time in 1984. Result: Mondale carried his home state plus DC, and that's it.
  5. Bill Clinton was ahead substantially this time in both 1992 and 1996. Result: Clinton wins.
What can we learn from this? A) Polls don't work well for Democrats; and b) only Southern Democrats can be comfortable with polling leads (look at Carter and LBJ).

I don't know what I did this weekend, but I've been having vertigo attacks ever since. I'd put it down to delayed electrolytic imbalance (I helped throw 15 cubic yards of mulch Saturday morning) but I've had nothing but low-carb Gatorade to drink the last two days and I'm still woozy. Forced to cut short this afternoon's lecture, I was so dizzy. Hopefully another day or two of easy going will put things right.

My students didn't mind. They have a work-day tomorrow, as I'll be attending a workshop. Also, they had their first exam of the term over the weekend, with the usual results.

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