Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Comme il pleut (plus a dessert recipe involving cantaloupe)

That's what I love about this part of the country: for no other reason than because it can, tremendous downpours occur in the early afternoon. Thus I am saved from having to mow or weed for the rest of the day.

I'm not complaining terribly about the rain. So much of the Southwest is in severe drought --though to hear one commentator say it was worse than the Dust Bowl seemed so much hyperbole --overwrought hyperbole, even. The rain is here today, and I rejoice. My spring tomatoes (with the exception of some brave Carmelos and Goliaths) have gone the way of all plant flesh, as have almost all the squashes and zucchini, yet the cucumbers hang on bravely, and the cantaloupes surely need the moisture. (The eggplants and okra haven't really come on so strong yet...)

Speaking of cantaloupe: I picked one the other day by accident and it was under-ripe, tasting like an unsweet honeydew. I rescued it by tossing it with white and brown sugar, plus a generous dose of cinnamon. Next time I may try it with fully-ripe cantaloupe --and use warm honey saturated with cinnamon as a dressing and serve with a sopapilla and ice cream. (No, this isn't just a sopapilla served with fruit: I plan on tossing the honey and the melon together before garnishing the rest of the dish.)

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