Thursday, July 3, 2008

Two articles for your consideration

On Campus, the ’60s Begin to Fade as Liberal Professors Retire
To quote The Man, "read the whole thing." The Times, as usual, shows its stripes by vaguely casting the discarding of ideological imperatives as something that will be missed. I submit that it will not. Also, the writer does not mention whether the study cited as proof of ideological mobility registered any increase in the number of conservatives and/or libertarians.

But on the whole, this is a good thing. There are some serious left-wing screwballs in the academy. While that in itself isn't bad (and in a true ideologically diverse world, it's actually good), the fact that they achieved positions of power and drove conservatives out of academia and into the private sector --where they were less willing to support higher education-- was a huge negative. I promise to take you fishing, Professor Sandinista, if you vacate your tenured position sooner rather than later.


The Negative Influence of Education Schools on the K-12 Curriculum
This one's a bit long, so only edu-nuts such as myself (and Mrs. and Tantan and Nana and maybe Noni and a few others) will want to read the entire article. But I was saying something along the author's lines ten years ago. The problem with pedagogy research is that most of it is inherently not scientific, and attempts to make it moreso run into the inevitable ethical dilemma about messing with the minds of children --yet no qualms are raised when new theories are put into practice without being tested first.

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