Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wherein we commend The Living Room Candidate website to our readership

The Living Room Candidate. This online display by the Museum of the Moving Image contains a significant cross-section of television campaign ads for President dating back to 1952. I use it regularly in my second-half American survey courses. I curse that I cannot link directly to individual ads, however.

If I could, however, I would today link to the 1980 campaign (Carter vs. Reagan vs. Anderson, for those of you who didn't come to class today). Two commercials jump out at me as being relevant. The first is a "Democrats for Reagan" spot highlighting Senator Edward Kennedy's comments about Carter during the primary. I see identical ads coming this fall featuring Senator Clinton. The second is a Re-elect President Carter spot emphasizing how Carter reads the Bible every day with his wife. I cannot see any Democratic candidate even thinking about airing such an ad today. [Disclaimer: many Democrats are decent, church-going folks, just as some Republicans are atheist or agnostic. Philips is a German and he have my pen.]

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