Sunday, June 22, 2008

Family Mojo Goes Nautical

Friday night, 11:43PM --I leaned over to Mrs. Mojo, and whispered tenderly into her ear: Boat boat boat boat boat boat boat boat!!!
She kicked me. I should know by now to always preface such late-night giddiness with I wuv u first.

Saturday morning, 6:50AM --I leap out of bed, and from downstairs, Mrs. Mojo yells: Boat boat boat boat boat boat boat boat!!!
And the Wee One screamed in glee. Evidently in the night, my enthusiasm spread.

Saturday morning had finally arrived, and it was the day of The Wee One's First Boat Trip. We went to the shop to pick up the boat, and eventually (after a side trip to Academy to get two-cycle oil [aside: only fools try going to Wal-mart on Saturday]) we made our way to the river. My daughter looked like a piece of Pez candy in her under-30lbs life jacket, which she would wear at all times while inside the boat. But she loved being on the boat. Even the oil alarm going off didn't phase her --which was just as well, because there has to be a faulty sensor somewhere in the circuit, it kept going off every 3-5 minutes and I know for a fact that the oil pump was passing oil to the engine as normal.

We eventually found a calm cove with a sandy beach and got out for swimmies. The Wee One has a collapsable inflatable chair-float with its own shade canopy, so she had a ball playing in the water. Mrs. Mojo even gave her a bottle while she was there. Many pictures were taken.

And Daddy finally got to have that heady mix of river-air and outboard forced into his sinuses at 30 knots while the sun shone in the sky. (cue Der Fliegende Holländer)

All may not be right in the world yet, but Saturday was a step in the right general direction.

(Saddenz: after consultation with mechanic, boat taken back to shop to have sensor replaced)

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