Saturday, November 13, 2010

Twenty Years Ago, People Made Fun Of Folks Like Me For This...

From Harry to Harvard: Quidditch Takes Flight in the Muggle World wherein we read of New England college students taking the Harry Potter intramural sport and turning into a RL pursuit. Yes, they must be on brooms, but capes are optional. Yes, there are quaffles and blodgers (semi-inflated volleyballs and dodgeballs, respectively). Yes, there is even a Golden Snitch (go read the article). And quite obviously 'yes,' the people in the stock photo are straight out of a Stuff White People Like casting call.

Twenty years ago, people made fun of guys like me who played D&D on the weekends, even though we did not dress up like wizards and warriors, let alone go running through the woods rolling dice (I'm looking at you now, Mrs. Professor Mojo!). Now your'e telling me that cool young collegiates are doing this because they think it's cool?!?!?

Anall Nathrach

Uthvas Bethuud

Dothiel Tienve.

Anall Nathrach

Uthvas Bethuud

Dothiel Tienve. >




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