Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Fair Question Regarding Diversity

Community College Spotlight | Ivy League admits few veterans: why is this, hmm?

The Devil’s Workshop Annual Most Highly Selective Survey of Undergraduate Veteran Enrollment

Princeton 0

Williams 0

Wellesley No reply

Brown No reply

Yale 2

Harvard 2

Amherst 3

Smith 3

Mount Holyoke 3

Dartmouth 12

Stanford 21

William & Mary 24

Bunker Hill Community College 367

I can think of a few reasons. Military vets tend not to think of themselves as Ivy material and so do not apply. The perception is out there that Ivies don't like vets. Ivy profs hate vets --they spoil the accepted narratives by providing primary source material that cannot be simply dismissed in-person as "war-mongering and biased" --except by a notable minority of tenured bloviates.

I am proud to teach a number of vets every year. It it a disservice to them to stereotype them in any way as to attitudes and abilities. And since I charge considerrably less for my services than my colleagues at the Ivies, I would suggest to vets that they look me up. I'm not that hard to find.

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