Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mojo On The Job!

Orientation is over for "new" faculty (I've been here five years, folks, how new am I? --of course, I say that and they had "new" full-timers who'd been adjuncting/part-timing it for fifteen years, so I guess I'm lucky...). I got up to campus today and found what every adjunct dreams of: an office cubicle and computer of my very own. Modified rapture!

I have no phone yet. Which is to say, I have a Cisco phone system that I can't operate beyond basic telephonic functions, and my number is still listed as that of the former occupant, who left in disgrace not terribly long ago. Put it this way: I'm not in any hurry to see what voicemails students may have left on this number.

I can see the sky from my spot, which I consider to be a Very Good Thing. I have long disliked the tendency to build educational buildings like warehouses or prisons to cut utility costs. Sunlight boosts everything --that's a good mantra. I am right next to my other history colleagues, so we can talk shop as the need takes us. I am also within striking distance of several of my favorite colleagues from other disciplines, so life is good.

But I must confess: today was terribly boring. I got my teaching schedule (ugh: 8AM at the across-town campus!), and the grand irony is now I'm going to make more money but my actual work load (considering driving) is actually going to be less. I got a few websites added and tweaked my office computer a little bit (note to self: get extra Ethernet cable for laptop Mac). I did a very little bit of paperwork. And now I'm going home. Turnips and peas, I can't wait to have students again! Weird, since I just got done with finals last week.

--It just hit me why "weird": I'm only getting one week off between the end of summer and the start of fall. That's because my system is still behind from weather disruptions last fall and this is when the Great Leap To Catch Up takes place. Oh well.

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