Sunday, August 9, 2009

In Defense of Dissent on Health Care Reform | Washington Examiner

In Defense of Dissent on Health Care Reform | Washington Examiner:

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Roy said...

Meanwhile: paid protesters wanted on Craigslist.

rocboy said...

A good article by Paul Krugman "The Town Hall Mob"

The Mojo Bison said...

Welcome back, rocboy --assuming you ever left-- and pleased am I to see a civil tone. Having said that, the phrase "good article by Paul Krugman" is one I find laughably oxymoronic. I also find it laughable to hear people who supported SEIU rowdies taking over Democratic caucuses in Nevada and other states complaining about "mob rule" and intimidation.

More to the point: I see the health care reform protesters as extensions of the Tea Party Movement. And speaking as someone who was at some of the very first ones, I can safely say that these folks are NOT Republican operatives. The Republicans don't have the capacity yet to pull off this kind of grass-roots coordination. This is Army-of-Davids-style group tactics, organized in online forums and mailing lists, and the GOP is only trying to tag along. Believe me, there are Republicans who are very nervous about these folks as well.