Sunday, May 3, 2009

Test Your Marriage: Have A Garage Sale!

Review: last year Mrs. Mojo and I attempted to sell the homestead. In preparation we put most of our effects into storage and cleaned out the house. Then the housing market collapsed and we refused to take a bath just to sell a house. After six months or so we took the For Sale sign down and brought everything back from storage. (PODS can be mighty useful sometimes.) After another six months I pitched Yet Another Tantrum about wanting my garage back, so we finally began unpacking things. And we made a realization: we have Too Much Stuff.

We've been here before. Before the Wee One was born we had a garage sale to thin out our stuff. But since then, more stuff has arrived. And lots of the old stuff that ought to have been gone the first time was now In The Way. So I got to be the [Expletive Deleted] and suggested demanded that many things be thrown out or else sold.

Note to self: when Mrs. uses multiple expletives to describe you, you are pushing too hard. (But it has to be done.)

We did get a lot done. I can actually start the long process of converting all the CDs to files, since they are now out of storage. But it's probably good we don't do this more than once every other year or so.

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