Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Gratifying Moment

"I was going to drop your class after the first exam, because I always thought history was boring and I didn't do real well on the test. But you made everything so interesting and it quit being dull, so I stayed. And I'm glad I did."

--spoken today by the student who ended up with the highest grade in my Texas History class this semester. You're welcome.

(Yes I have a witness, you haters!)

UPDATE: I got another unsolicited recommendation, in the email today, from a student whose grade is not in question (i.e., no suck-up factor at work):

Also I know we don't show it often enough but at least I, really appreciate you as a teacher because unlike many of my other professors you show love for your subject and are always willing to teach it. As a student it motivates me and it is really refreshing that a teacher works as hard for his students. Your classes are very interesting so don't worry if we are quiet, at least you know that one student is paying attention and enjoys your class. I have recommended you to many of my friends I hope they take you. I tell them that your class isn't for slackers but that the work really pays off, that they will really learn a lot from your lectures and that the class will provide an education and learning experience that they certainly will not have if they take another professor.

You're welcome, too.

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