Thursday, March 27, 2008

If my students can't be bothered to come to class, then dadburn it, I won't have class!

I brush my teeth every morning, so I know it can't be that....

Yesterday morning in my Civil War survey class, less than half the class showed up. Granted, we were watching a video. But since a good deal of the class revolves around watching Ken Burns, that isn't anything out-of-the-ordinary. And considering we're having a mid-term next week, one would think that class attendance would be close to normal. I was Not At All Happy. I made a few remarks, began the episode, and proceeded to grade exams for my survey course.

This morning, in my early class, at the beginning of lecture I had no students present. Now this is one of those dreaded 8AM lectures, and because of my scheduling needs, we all agreed that class would begin promptly each day at 8:10. Personally, I think 8AM classes at a community college are ridiculous, considering how most students can't get up that early and that we would increase community satisfaction by moving classes to 8:30 and then offering 7AM classes to working professionals --but I digress. This morning I had no customers, and as I sit here making this entry, fifteen minutes after scheduled start time (the Gold Standard for Collegiate Courses), I only have four out of fourteen present.

Two more minutes and I'm canceling the lecture. Lecture canceled! Let's all go for coffee, it's on me!

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