Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday in the Store with Mojo

--not sure if Sondheim would make a production out of it...

I am hiding at a local branch of a national bookstore chain, taking advantage of the free wifi to get some grading done and jam on groovy tunage (cf. my Twitter feed). It's interesting, to a point. Mrs. accuses me of being anti-social, or at least being anti-public, and she is mostly right. It is somewhat positive of a change of pace for me to mingle with strangers who aren't students. And there is the sense of accomplishment of my working publicly on my laptop: "Oh, look, there's a college professor grading exams!"

And yet it's not entirely satisfying. I am distracted by the hipsters: I want to grab them by their lapels and WAKE UP YOU TINY-BRAINED PERSON YOU ARE RIDICULOUS AND WILL GROW OLDER AND BE LIKE ME SO GET USED TO IT --but that is a behavior that Mrs. would most definitely classify as anti-social. Plus I talk perhaps a bit too loud for a second on my cell phone and I get SHUSHED! in an even louder syllabant register than my phone voice. Hereupon I did engage in a bit of anti-social behavior by stopping my phone call and directly addressing the much-younger-and-much-weaker-than-me youngster in my "I am quietly about to stomp a mudhole in you" voice, i.e., "Am I really talking too loudly?" (I was just joshing, I reduced my volume and smiled --but I got my point across.)

--And that is precisely why I ought not to do Sunday in the Store with Mojo. I get into trouble.

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