Sunday, February 15, 2009

REPOST: "Ahh, I see Professor Mojo has given his first exam of the term..."

[It's First Exam Weekend in these parts. Even as I post this, I count 21 students in my course shell, anxiously trying to get the exam done before the 11:59 local time deadline. They're so fun to watch, especially the ones who didn't listen to instructions and who are panicking over Very Minor Things Which Will Incur The Wrath of Professor Mojo If They Ask For Help This Late In The Game. Even so, I know in advance what's coming, so as is tradition, here is this post:]

"Ahh, I see Professor Mojo has given his first exam of the term: his students look like they've been gut-shot."

I try to keep class upbeat, lively, and not boring --oxymoronic aims for a history lecture, one might say (and yes, there are days when even I get bored by the things I have to cover). But I never intentionally mislead my students. From Day One, I warn them that if they don't study for the exams --and especially if they blow off the essay questions -- they will fail. But there are a significant number who simply do not listen.

And so every term, I get Exam One grades (out of 100) like 55. 38. 18. Welcome to the world of Community College Education.

For what it's worth, I also tell the students that this happens to everyone, and that I will take significant improvement into account when final grades are calculated. My mission is to improve these students, I don't get paid extra for failing them --that's how I justify it. Even so, I also know from past experience that only half of those students who bomb Exam One (bomb: = = anything less than a D/60) will even bother to finish the course, they'll head for the door at break and keep on going to the registrar to withdraw. It makes me sad.

But I can only do so much. I'm not legally allowed to use a war elephant (with howdah) to chase down those counselors who push students into classes for which they are absolutely unprepared; nor can I use Invoked Devastation on the schools which produce these students. I can only encourage and work with those who stick it out, and at least get them on the Path of Right Learning ("Study! Read! Think!").

[Slightly modified from the original. The really sad part is that many of them will "shop around" for an "easier" prof next semester, and then end up failing again when they don't bother to study. This is college: I'm not doing any favors by reinforcing the bad habits they picked up in high school. And yes, I can throw stones at high schools, I used to teach high school, and I do know what it's like.]


amanda said...

I remember I wanted to cry after my 1st ever exam in your 1301 class. Yes I said cry. My grade was close to a 20! Oh-man. Anything less than a B and I was cut off tuition. My OWN FAULT! I didn't prepare for the essay or read the book the first time, but after that I read my butt off! That book went with me everywhere. I'd even stay up all night to finish reading. I'm happy to say that I learned a lot. I got an A in both your courses and my textbook looks like a rainbow from all the highlighting I did.

The Mojo Bison said...

Tell it on the mountain!!!

--and thank you for that unpaid testimonial.