Friday, October 3, 2008

Greed, Hubris and Pork 1-0 Common Sense and the People's Will

The Senate passed a revised version of the bailout bill and today the House followed suit. A(n even more) substantial helping of earmarks swayed many who had initially campaigned against the bill. Sigh. And already, the State of California is jumping on the bandwagon and asking for a cash transfusion from the Federal government.

My illusions about Obama were long-ago torn away: he is committed to raising taxes and he will pay for bailouts with tax increases that will directly cause further contraction of the economy. I was hoping McCain would show some moral backbone, but I was disappointed. The dinner bell has sounded, all the critters are rushing for the trough.

If authority rewards a behavior, expect the behavior to reoccur. That's somewhere in Pedagogy 101. I distinctly remember that part...

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