Tuesday, May 20, 2008


A fine time was had by all as Family Mojo retreated to the beach for an extended weekend. The fishing was no great shakes, but I managed to pull up a type of grouper that is only rarely seen inshore. (Yes, I took its picture.) We learned that not all instant-light charcoals are created equal. And the Wee One discovered that the sea is fun --so did the Ginger-pup.

Blogging may prove light for a while. I'm in that blessed downtime between semesters. It's not the same as Christmas, when there's shopping to be done and parties to attend and family to entertain. No, this is a time of largely hedonistic abandon. A few chores here and there and the rest of my time is my own (when not on Daddy Duty).

And today, at long last, I get my boat back.

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