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Friday, May 26, 2023

Good heavens! Let me sweep the deck and turn on the A/C...

 I have been very remiss in keeping up the blog. Ever since I was (re)elected Faculty Senate President, I was basically forced to resume using The Nameless Evil Rhymes-with-Chasehook Machine (TNE) to communicate with colleagues, trustees, and the public as a whole.

My time in office, however, is drawing to a close.  Come August, I will unfettered again, and I will likely only use TNE to do the college football column, and occasionally link to posts here.  It is unlikely I will switch to Substack, because a) I'm no copycat, and b) too many people are already associating Substack with "REE REE REE RIGHT WING BADTHINK REE REE REE." 

--oh, don't mind that.  I'm an Austro-Jeffersonian crank.  I dislike what the cool kids like, but not for the same reasons as most.

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